Archived News 2023

Archived News 2022

  • [October 2022] A paper ("Uncertainty-aware report generation for chest X-rays by variational topic inference") published by Ivona Najdenkoska has received runner-up for the best paper award in the Medical Image Analysis journal.

  • [September 2022] Marcel Worring received a grant (€1.5M) from NWO about the project of "AI4Intelligence: from Multimodal Data to Trustworthy Evidence in Court". More information here.

  • [September 2022] Our group has moved from Science Park 904 to the new LAB42 building nearby (Science Park 900).

  • [September 2022] Nanne van Noord received a grant (€387K) from ClickNL about the AI4FILM project to develop novel AI techniques that are tailored to film by learning from analysis, production practice, and theory.

  • [September 2022] Yen-Chia Hsu participated in the 2022 Heidelberg Laureate Forum.

  • [September 2022] Yen-Chia Hsu was invited to a panel discussion at the 2022 Internet Governance Forum, where he will participate in the discussion of AI transparency and communities.